Marketing your Christmas Lighting Business 101

Marketing your Christmas Lighting Business 101

Christmas Lighting Business - Marketing

basic ideas to promote your company

Marketing is one of the things I love about this business.  This line of work is so in demand, especially around large cities, it only takes a little marketing to fill your plate with all the residential you can handle for the year.

We have experimented with all different type of advertising, I have compiled a common list of what worked and what didn’t, what gave us the best ROI and where we spent the most money with very little return.

Website –

PROS – The best marketing tool we use, I would say that 0ver 50% of our calls come from our website.

CONS – A website that is deep in the search engines is no use if no one can find it.  We will explore more of how we got our website to the front page in local searches in another blog post and show how we approach our Search Engine Optimization.

Bandit signs – These are the little stick in the ground signs that seem to pop up all over the area during the political season advertising some politician. bandit-signs

PROS- These are relatively cheap to buy

CONS –   Require labor to put out.  They usually last a couple of days before your competition pulls them out of the ground and trashes them.  To keep your campaign going you have to constantly patrol your signs and replace them.

These signs give very little info about your company and usually attract the type of customer you could do without lowballers and tire kickers.  I give these signs a very low rating and have abandoned the concept altogether. Plus the signs that litter the roads after Christmas because the installer was too lazy to pick them up makes their company look bad.  Don’t be that guy.

Magazines – Every medium to large city has their local magazine and usually start reaching out to Christmas light companies around September to feature you in their publication.

PROS – This venue can make your company look very prestigious and might open up a market of installing lights on very large homes.magazine-cover

CONS –  advertising very expensive usually  homeowner focused and starting around 3k and up. This venue can make your company look very prestigious and might open up a market of installing lights on very large homes, I just find that the upfront cost still does not out perform your website. I would rather focus my money making my website looking high end vs paying a magazine that could be tossed in the trash after someone looks through it.  The amount of jobs we received did not offset the cost of advertising.

Door Hangers

PROS- Cheap, can generate a lot of calls just on pure volume alone. You can hire companies to print and put them out for you usually less that 5 cents each.  It’s easy to measure your response based on how many door hangers went out.

CONS – It portraits a cheaper image, Homeowners get frustrated with them as it trashes up their door.  One time promotion, once the homeowner looks at it he usually tosses it.door-hanger

We used them our second year starting up, I got more tire kickers than buyers meaning I spent a lot of time giving out estimates to people who really had no intentions of spending the money. I have since abandoned them in favor of going for customers who seek me out online with intentions of paying someone to install there Christmas lights.

Truck Signs – These are a must, use a high-quality magnetic sign with easy to ready graphics will get the neighbors walking up asking for business cards while you installing neighborhoods.

No Cons unless you are a bad driver, then people have your phone number and will shame you on social media.  Just be a courteous driver.  magnetic-signs

These are the most commons forms of advertising we have used in the past and still are, but there are far more creative ways we have used to land some really good jobs, check out marketing post on creating a firestorm on social media.