Tips on Hiring the right people for the Christmas Season

%22lead the right people and they will bring you the money%22

Hiring is the hardest part of the Christmas Lighting business.  If you already have a crew of guys that work for you such as the landscaping or roofing business you are way ahead of the game.

Around fall those professions along with most construction start to slow down due to unpredictable weather and the landscape starting to go dormant.  Christmas lighting is a great way to keep the work coming in and the guys paid.  You have probably noticed a lot of landscaping companies are already reaching out to their customers to install their holiday lights.hiring

If you don’t have a company with ready employees that you can move over to Christmas lighting it can be tough You are not guaranteed the same guys every year as they usually find full-time employment when you are not keeping them busy working and can be unwilling to quit the new found job.

I find a great way to locate employees is through lawn mowing companies that have a small business with less than 10 workers. A great way to approach them is when they are out working in neighborhoods from September to October when it’s slowing down, give them a card a talk to them and see if it is something they would even be interested in.

If they have interest I always go to the business owner and talk to him to see if he minds his guys working for me when things slow down.  I might even offer to give him an hourly pay, meaning if I pay 3 guys $15 an hour I would offer him $5 an hour per guy.  He would be making $15 an hour off his 3 guys without doing anything.

“How much you pay?” is usually the first question I get.  If your guys are good workers, can climb roofs, take directions and pick up the installation techniques quickly Pay them Good!

img_6253You have no business without your employees, to make a lot of money hanging Christmas lights quantity is the key.  A one-man show will be slow and you will tire quickly.  Paying your employees better than most is a good way to keep them wanting to work for you, year after year.

With practice and experience at bidding jobs you will know how many man hours you will need to complete it, bid the job so that you can pay your workers well and still make a good profit. If the customer is unwilling to pay it, offer to do less work to fit within their budget or move on to the next one, there is plenty of work out there this time of the year.

Some of the professions we reach out too to find labor is:

  1. Landscapers / Lawn mowing companies
  2. Residential Construction workers – of course, if you live in a boom town like North Texas this can be hard as there is a lot of work for these trades right now.
  3. Restaurant cooks- they always seem to be looking for a job and seem to have friends that also want to work.
  4. Farm workers – One of our best place to draw for workers is an Apple farm in Louisiana that finishes the harvest in early fall.
  5. Window Washers

Final Word: If you hired someone that’s not working out or showing up on time  get rid of them quickly. They will just make your company look bad and aggravate the guys you have that are doing good.  It’s best just to go your separate ways. Pays your good guys higher than the competition and treat them well and they in return will make you a lot of money.