%22Dr said it was so bad that I had to be admitted at once%22

%22stress was killing me%22

When I first started my Christmas Lighting business 10 years ago I did it as a way to supplement my income during the slow time of construction, not many people want their kitchen remodeled while they were cooking Thanksgiving dinner or had family over for Christmas.

I was working on a small project and the 20 something kid helping me said he need to finish up for the year because he needed to start hanging Christmas Lights.  This intrigued me and I inquired about what kind of money he was making working those 2 months.  He pointed to his new F250 parked out front and said I paid cash.  I was hooked.

I  had a partner at the time, a friend I had talked into thinking this would be some easy Christmas money.

My first marketing was some bandit signs I stuck in entrances of neighborhoods and a small one-page website.

I remember the day it all cut loose.  I was sitting in my truck after a Thanksgiving weekend church service and my phone suddenly started blowing up.  It appeared that the small one-page website I had put on google local had gone live and I was the only one in my city marketing on the web at that time.

For the next week I received around 100 phone calls for Christmas light installation. I still had a few small remodel jobs going and couldn’t make any headway with them cause my phone never stopped ringing with new customers wanting lights and the others wanting to know where I was at.

My partner quickly realized that this was work and he had had enough (trust me you don’t want partners) and abruptly quit leaving me with all the work and 1 employee that was my construction helper.

Me and my helper slowly started working our way through the jobs, the money was good but the pace was slow and customers were getting agitated as it was already after Thanksgiving and time was ticking toward Christmas.

When homeowners pay for Christmas light installation they want to enjoy them as long as possible and feel they are not getting their money’s worth the closer it gets to Christmas.

My first 3 jobs were very under priced I quickly found out after spending an entire day there on what now takes a few hours for twice the money.

bandit-signBut once my “partner” walked I was buried in work with no manpower and the calls kept coming in.  I still had to do estimates and the only time I could do them was at dark.

I was overwhelmed, the last job I did before throwing in the towel was a 2 story house.  We had to do some work in the backyard and parked in the front.  We used the side gate for access to the back.  When we left I forgot to close the fence, she let her dogs out of the house and they were gone out the open gate.

The homeowner was irate, dogs were gone and now so was my chance of getting paid.

I spend the next few hours looking for dogs with a lady screaming at me, my phone was ringing constantly with customers complaining why I wasn't there with their lights, worst of I wasn't getting paid due to this fiasco.

My stomach started killing me - the stress was getting to me, not at all what I thought this would be. It got so bad I had to go to the doctor.  

Diverticulitis - the Dr said it was so bad that I had to be admitted at once or my intestine could rupture.

I spent the next week laying in a hospital bed getting over what the Dr said was brought on by stress.  I still live with this every day but now stress is much lower and money is much higher and I can easily control it.

That was 10 years ago….. while sitting in the hospital back then I resolved to figure this out. I knew the money was there and we are only talking about working 3 months a year.

I had to make this work! Since then we have hired the right people, outsourced what we can’t handle and grew this business to easily replace the income it use to take me a year to make.

If working 3 months a year and making more money than most make in an entire year appeals to you let this website help you get started.

With such a short time every year to make as much profit as possible let our mistakes and knowledge on what works and what didn’t make your bottom line as big as possible.