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Marketing your Christmas Lighting Business

Christmas Lighting Business - Marketing low cost ideas to bring in the customers Marketing is one of the things I love about this business.  This line of work is so in demand, especially around large cities, it only takes a little marketing to fill your plate with all the residential you can handle for the year. We have experimented with all different type of advertising, I have compiled a common list of what worked and what didn’t, what gave us the best ROI and where we spent the most money with very little return. Website – PROS – The...

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My First year hanging Christmas Lights was a disaster and almost killed me.

"Dr said it was so bad that I had to be admitted at once" "stress was killing me" When I first started my Christmas Lighting business 10 years ago I did it as a way to supplement my income during the slow time of construction, not many people want their kitchen remodeled while they were cooking Thanksgiving dinner or had family over for Christmas. I was working on a small project and the 20 something kid helping me said he need to finish up for the year because he needed to start hanging Christmas Lights.  This intrigued me and...

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Christmas Lighting Business – Hiring

Tips on Hiring the right people for the Christmas Season "lead the right people and they will bring you the money" Hiring is the hardest part of the Christmas Lighting business.  If you already have a crew of guys that work for you such as the landscaping or roofing business you are way ahead of the game. Around fall those professions along with most construction start to slow down due to unpredictable weather and the landscape starting to go dormant.  Christmas lighting is a great way to keep the work coming in and the guys paid.  You have probably...

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